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What is Laser Ranger ?

Laser Ranger- Clay Pigeon Shooting is an activity which can be enjoyed by everyone. Based on the traditional sport of clay pigeon shooting or skeet shooting, Laser Ranger hasĀ 3 key differences.

  • The guns look and feel real, but are totally harmless and very safe for anyone to use.
  • The clays are re-usable and do not cause any damage to the environment.
  • The system is electronic and portable so it can be set up and played pretty much anywhere at any time.

How is Laser Ranger-Laser Clay Pigeon Shooting Played?

Players can either compete in teams or as individuals ‘Leader Board’ style

5 players shoot at the same time and at the same target. The target (the clay) is launched into the air and each player fires 2 shots at the clay as it flies though the air.

Points are awarded to each player if they hit the target and the results are electronically calculated and displayed on the scoreboard in front of the players. There are 4 different scoring games for each player to complete adding competition and excitement to each round.

The team or individual with the most points at the end, wins!

Where can you play Laser Ranger ?

Laser Ranger is totally transportable and can be set up at any indoor or outdoor venue providing there is enough space for the clay to fly and land safely. Minimum space recommended is 10M x 30M. but the more space the better.

Because Laser Ranger is a totally safe and environmentally friendly sport local councils will allow Laser Ranger to be played on public ovals, parks and reserves. (please note hire charges normally apply)


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