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12 to 15 people $660 plus venue hire
90 minute TEAM event.
Includes 3 winners medals.
Venue hire not included.
Please see Venues page for ideas/costs

16 to 50 people $35 per person with minimum hire $770 plus venue hire.
120 minute TEAM event.
Includes up to 10 winners medals with your company/event details or personal inscription engraved on the back.

Extra participants over 50 people will be charged $25 per person.
50 to 75 people 3 hour event
75 to 100 people 4 hour event.
Includes engraved medals for winning TEAM.

Have-a-Go Event – Leader board Style
$1650 for first two hours (min hire) | $330 per half hour thereafter.
No min/max numbers
Venue hire costs not included

Have-a-go is not run as a team event. Instead participants/guests are encouraged to have multiple goes over the allotted time to gain the highest individual score.
Includes engraved winners medals for Best Male/Female/Junior.
Both Indoor and Outdoor shooting systems are ideal as a side attraction to entertain guests at larger functions/dinners/Charity Events to list a just a few.


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