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Are there any age restrictions on shooting?

Age is only restricted to the individuals ability to hold and shoot the gun correctly. The guns weigh approximately 3.5kg and they need to be raised to shoulder height.

Do you need any prior shooting experience?

No, the guns are very easy to operate and many of our best shooters had no prior experience or even held a gun before.

Should I wear any special clothing or footwear?

Causal loose clothing is best so your arm movement is not restricted. Although Laser Ranger is totally safe our public liability insurance stipulates that closed in shoes must be worn. They are worried you might drop a gun on your little toe and sue us!

How far do I need to book in advance?

In some instances venue booking can take up to 6 weeks or more to secure so the more notice you can give us the better. Early bookings are essential for events planned in November & December.

Are we able to bring non shooting spectators along?

ABSOLUTELY. The more people cheering you on the better.

Can be bring alcohol to the event?

Yes, provided we are informed at the time of booking so that appropriate council applications can be submitted. Please note that should we deem any participant/s too intoxicated that they may cause damage to the equipment and/or others then we reserve the right to refuse play. If the event is cancelled due to intoxicated participants NO refund will be given.

How heavy are the guns?

Approximately 3.4kg

How far and high do the clays fly?

The Automatic Clay Launcher can be adjusted to accommodate the space available. We require a minimum CLEAR area of 10M X 30M for the clays to fly and land safely. However the clays can fly to a maximum 50M before the guns laser becomes ineffective. Maximum height is approximately 20M

How noisy are the guns?

Because the guns have had their firing mechanism removed they do not actually fire off or make a noise. The gun shot noise you hear is an electronically produced sound effect which is discharged via the two speakers attached to the electronic scoreboard. The volume of the sound effects can be manually controlled and turned off completely if necessary.

Will the guns laser affect passing aircraft or electronic instruments used in passing road vehicles?

NO. The guns emit an infra red beam which is less powerful than the devices used in television remote control units having a radiant intensity of between 40 and 80mW/sr. The wavelength is 880 nanometres which is in the near infra red range. The beam replicates the rate of spread of lead shot, which means that at a
distance of 30 metres from the gun the spread of infra red is 72cms.

Where is Laser Ranger based?

Laser Ranger is a mobile business. We bring everything to a convenient venue near you. Because the system is battery operated and totally safe we can pretty much set up anywhere there is a space big enough (10M X 30M Minimum) to accommodate us.

Do you organise the venues?

Yes we can make the necessary applications to the local councils where necessary and do site visits to private venues.

Do you organise catering?

Yes we can help organise a suitable caterer or restaurant depending on your requirements.

Are there any pigeons harmed during this activity? (don’t laugh this was a genuine question asked!!)

NO, real pigeons are not used in this activity. The ‘Clay Pigeons” are actually plastic discs similar in size to a CD.


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